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Do you have a burning desire to startup a business? Or do you have a great dream or innovation that will enhance our world? Are you looking to join a platform to augment and grow your new business? Do you want to leverage the power of a community to ignite your business? If you do, then the iGenesiis Ignition Program and Community maybe the place for you to turn your dream into a thriving business.

The IGenesiis Ignition Program is designed to be taken at the beginning, before the accelerator and incubator stages, of your startup. Our Ignition Progrom enables you to ignite an innovative idea into a startup in around 200 hours over 15 weeks. The program is designed to be taken while having a day time job. IGenesiis Ignition is a combination of night classes guided by mentors, practical startup tools, networking activities with our community and alliances, and applied weekly homework and group-work that builds your startup piece by piece until you have a running startup in 15 weeks.

Our Ignition Program is designed so that if you put your mind, heart, and soul into the work, assignments and community, then you will have not only transformed yourself into a more effective innopreneur in just 15 weeks, but you will also have enable others to do the same, and you will also have a new community of peers and friends to support and see you grow on your journey as an innopreneur.

Starting the program means that you have started a new chapter of your life, and graduating our program means that together as a community we have achieved with you 3 essential goals in your journey as a successful founder and innovation entrepreneur. Successfully achieving these three goals together with our community also means that you become a lifelong member of the international iGenesiis innovation community. The 3 goals are:


You will make or break your ignition stage startup. The IGenesiis Ignition Program is designed to transform you into an effective startup founder through a rigorous system of methodologies, assignments, and activities lead by our mentors and platform leaders.

The most important foundation stone in your startup is you. That is why we have designed our platform on certain principles and values so that our community enables you to develop well rounded knowledge and new perspectives to form new skills and habits that are essential for successfully turning your ideas into thriving startups. Our mentors and team will help you become the most effective version of yourself so that you will be able to overcome the major challenges & pitfalls of launching and running a successful startup.


The second goal of the IGenesiis Ignition Program is to lead and support you in igniting your idea into a running startup in 15 weeks. Our platform and community gives you both the knowledge to develop the technical skills and the opportunities to have fun while you cultivate the soft social skills necessary to ignite your idea into a thriving startup.

Our IGenesiis team and community of experienced mentors guide you through our interactive startup ignition process and share their innovation & startup experience with you over a series of weekly startup ignition topics so that you have a clear framework build your startup piece by piece each week so that you have ignited a running startup by the end of our 15 week Ignition Program. In addition to learning from mentors in class and from workshops, mentors are also available each week during office hours to help you with any challenges you may have while you build and launch your startup. A slew of resources are at your disposal, as our ignition platform offers value added services to help you ignite your startup. You must have a startup running by the end of the 15 weeks to officially become a member of the iGenesiis Community.


The third goal is to learn the iGenesiis ethos and values which will help you collaborate with your peers, our team, our mentors, and our iGenesiis platform to form a strong community that will enable you, your peers and future innopreneurs to effectively turn ideas into startups and beyond.

To achieve this goal and to benefit the most from our community, there are two key points to keep in mind (1) reciprocation of good deeds and (2) shared equity pool.

Point 1: Reciprocation of good deeds: To benefit the most from our community you must learn the iGenesiis ethos because understanding the principles will help you develop strong bonds with our community. One of the key principles of our community is the reciprocation of good deeds. Reciprocation is what keeps our community healthy and effective for our members. Through reciprocation it is possible for you to mutually support and enrich each other and build strong bonds and become part of our community through a series of class gatherings, assignments, office hours, and public and private networking and social events. For a more complete outline of what our iGenesiis community and Platform stands for, click here.

Point 2: Shared Equtiy Pool The second key point which is derived from reciprocation is forming the Shared Equity Pool to reward and bring together everyone who helped turn your ideas into startups. Each shared equity pool is formed by all the graduating innopreneurs of that 15 week ignition program and is shared by all graduating peers, mentors, community helpers, and the iGenesiis platform. The shared equity pool serves three essential goals: (1) It rewards you, your peers, and the people who have contributed to your growth during the 15 weeks , (2) binds the community together beyond the 15 week program, and (3) today’s graduating innopreneurs will one day become mentors to future generations of innopreneurs and future shared equity pools help perpetuate the virtuous innopreneur cycle.

In order to qualify for the shared equity pool and become a lifelong member of the iGenesiis community, you must have fully transitioned into your startup as a full time founder & execution role within 3 months of graduating the 15 week Ignition Program.

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