IGENESIIS Group is founded by a network of grateful, capable and dedicated local and international startup founders, C-suite professionals and angel investors. They feel very fortunate for the success and good will they have obtained. Therefore, they are willing and ready to reciprocate. Coming from startups and innovative companies, the IGENESIIS founders all have seen the #1 obstacles that kept so many great ideas from ever getting started. And they are the lack of specialized communities and allocation of resources that focus on helping would-be starters turn their ideas into reality. To this end, they have come together and formulated the following three-prong vision: the Innopreneurs** Community Platform, the Virtuous Innopreneurs Cycle, and the Universal Innopreneurs Culture.

**Innopreneur: An innopreneur is simply an entrepreneur that innovates in the process of taking a risk for a return. The importance of innovating while being an entrepreneur is to create more and better with less and less. And if enough people innovate togehter, we produce a world of abundance for all.

  1. The Innopreneurs Community Platform

    Our community platform empowers more people to become innopreneurs, the IGENESIIS founders have created a community platform for innopreneurs in the making. The main function of our community platform is (1) to provide resources and access, and (2) to enable experienced innopreneurs to reciprocate back their knowledge to specifcially the innopreneurs at the idea stage to ignition stage.

  2. The Virtuous Innopreneurs Cycle

    This happens when it is the social norm for the experienced innopreneurs to help the next generation of innopreneurs at the ignition stage to turn ideas into business. Repetition of this cylce creates an ever growing community and ever growing innovations to eventually create a world of abundance. A Virtuous Innopreneur Cycle is thus born.

  3. The Universal Innopreneurs Culture

    Finally, there must be a set of guiding principles that brings together a healthy and effective community for empowering innopreneurs and the Virtuous Innopreneur Cycle. The guiding principles are woven into the essensce of iGenesiis. On one hand the principles bring together our community. And on the other hand, when innopreneurs lose their way or face challenges that are daunting and beyond their ability in the journey of turning ideas into reality, these principles serve as a beacon to get back on track to revitalizing themselves and their businesses. The principles also make possible the community that is there for them so that innopreneurs need not be alone on their journey. This is deeply ingrained. This is an innopreneur culture with a powerful feedback cycle. The principles keep the community healthy and growing. It is no exaggeration innopreneurs can collectively usher in a new era of abundance for all. This set of guiding principles is the Universal Innopreneurs Culture:

    We strive to:

    • Be Aware, Compassionate, and Connected
    • Be Collaborative
    • Be Communicative
    • Be Grateful & Reciprocate
    • Be Innovative
    • Create diversity
    • Be Authentic
    • Engage in noble purposes
    • Trust, and be trusted*
    • Seek fairness, not advantage*
    • Open doors and listen*
    • Dream*
    • Err, Fail, Persist,& Succeed*
    • Experiment & iterate together*
    • Be an Innopreneur, not just an Entrepreneur
    • Be aware of, be a part of, and be responsible to the innovation ecosystem
    • Help others co-exist with ecosystem
    • Pay it forward*
    • *Reference: The Rainforest by Hwang & Horowitt

    When the Universal Innopreneurs Culture is practiced by people in the context of startups and innovation, communities with constituents of diverse backgrounds are able to form that in turn empower innopreneurs to turn ideas into thriving businesses and in turn these innopreneurs empower future generation of innopreneurss thereby completing and fulfilling the virtuous innopreneur cycle and move us towards realizing a world of abundance.


To become the platform on which Innopreneurs empower each other worldwide to usher in a new era of abundance for all.


To create as many Virtuous Innopreneurs Cycles as needed to create global collaboration of innopreneurs based on the Universal Innopreneurs Culture.