• 16 week curriculum

    16 week curriculum

    Suitable for super early stage startups: Those who have just started with full-time team size of 2 or less, pivoting, looking to raise seed investment, or if you have an idea to create a scalable business our system gives you all the essentials to go from idea to a product your customer loves.

    Our program gives you the Founder CEO, the essential knowledge and tools that every founder must have to go 0 to 1 (from idea to a product your customers love) and generate first revenue and / or raise seed and angel investment. That is, the roadmap and system we share with you can be applied to any business idea, so this knowledge can be applied to your current business or any future business idea you may have.

    Our program systematically helps, you the Founder CEO, to get rid of your blind spots, enhance your existing new business, pivot a business, and/or prove and launch a business idea you may have. The result is to generate or enhance revenue and raise seed and angel investment if that is your goal.

    Our program is taught by seasoned mentors and facilitators who have serial founder and investment experience. They share with you the proven models and tools that have allowed them to successfully launch ideas, generate revenues, and raise seed and angel investment.

  • Member Community

    Member Community

    Our community is made up of serial founders, seasoned investors, and also the founders that graduate from our 16-week night program. Our policy is to keep our community diversified with people from domestic, international, and various innovation industries.

    Noble cause: Our community is distinguished in that our members are willing to help founders who are just starting off. We believe in balancing the financial ROI and the possibility to creating a new innovation culture where it is common practice to help founders just starting off.

    Quality First: New members, both mentors and founders, are invited as members only after they have shown that they helped our new founders, when they need help the most, and collaborating with fellow mentors and peers.

    Member events: Our platform organizes events for our community members to learn from each other, share resources, strengthen bonds, and invite new members.

  • Shared Equity Pool

    Shared Equity Pool

    In order to minimize founder risk and maximize the chances of founder success, our platform manages a shared equity pool created by all of our graduated founders. This shared equity pool creates high collaboration and interaction in our community because it bonds our founders, mentors, and platform together through shared rewards.

    3% is shared by our new founders.

    3% is shared by our mentors.

    3% is shared by platform staff and investors.

IGenesiis Ignition Program

16 weeks course detailed program info

01 Orientation + Founder Mindset + Weekly KPI

How do you make the most of the iGenesiis community? Founder CEO mindset. Weekly Cadet hackathons. Business builders. Two types of major pitfalls, caused by you and the market.

How to leverage community to overcome both types of pitfalls. How do you create your community strategy? What to do to make sure you become part of our community and leverage the right resources? Tips on how to develop lasting and meaningful business relationships. How will our community empower your growth, brand, business development, and bring on investment if need be. Create teams.

02 Core values & Ideas

What exactly are core values? How do core values make you mentally unstoppable?

How do you find your core values and make yourself super resilient? Why are the best ideas blended with your core values? How this will set you apart from other founders? With a strong core value understanding, it sets the stage for you to be confident and think big. Scalable ideas blended with your core values are the most compelling to your team, customers, and investors.

03 Vision & Idea Research

How to craft a lasting vision that is embodied with your existence. Your vision will be central to your resilience.

Research trends, competitors, and the market size to make sure your vision is sound. Your vision will influence wtih whom you work. And it will influence your access to investors and what kind of investors. Get feedback from different types of people to hone your vision. Learn the framework for comparing ideas.

04 Growth Hacking & Goal setting for Scaling Business

Learn how to boil down your business objectives to one key indicator. Learn growth hacking and the process of sales & marketing to accelerate customer growth.

How do you create viral growth and scalability? Having a clear framework & plan for marketing and generating sales is essential for both launching and growing a successful business and getting customers and investment money.

05 Business Model Canvas

How do you find the best business model for your target market? How do you articulate your value proposition?

How do you come up with a scalable business model that works for both your customers and attractive to investors?

06 Syncronizing product with customer requests

What is "0 to 1"? What is product market fit and how do you get there. The first step is to make sure your product idea is needed by your customers.

Learn the system to get actionable customer feedback. Learn interview techniques Increase the value of your idea through helpful feedback. How much will they pay for the product? Get into the habit of talking with your customers weekly. Learn why this is key to your business and investors.

07 Product Development / MVP and iterating to Product Market Fit

Learn the process of getting to product/market fit and creating a scalable solution.

Take your customer requests to develop an MVP. Learn and apply the design thinking process to create an MVP with great user experience design. Test your MVP concept on customers. Learn how to ask for your customers to pay in advance for your well articulated and designed MVP concept, based on your customer requests.

08 Legal IP/ Business Registration

Learn what kind of business to register and register your company. Learn about key legal topics to create a solid business and growth.

Government policies. How do you research and keep up to date? You need to get this right in order to do business and also put investors at ease.

09 Beachhead market & Disciplined Founder

What is a beachhead market? How to hone in on the first 100s to 1000s of customers that want your solution the most.

Why is it important to monopolize this first market? What is the Disciplined Founder's system and methodology?

10 Brand identity & naming

Learn the process of brand identity, positioning, and naming your solution and company - validate with customers.

Make sure you have a professional image to show a well-packaged business savvy to customers and investors.

11 Company Culture, Co-Founder & Talent Management

Learn the process for creating a strong company culture and how to plan your organization structure.

Who you should hire first to win and service your beachhead market? When to drop talent. And learn the system to find a suitable co-founder that will fight in the trenches with you. How do you make your company attractive for talent to join and also for investors to invest?

12 Technical & Product Development Project Management

Learn the framework of tech project management to bring your proof of concept to life and service your beachhead market.

Learn when to use existing tech and when to build your own.

13 Marketing & Customer Acquisition & Retention

Learn the systematic way to market to customers, acquire them, leverage them for word of mouth and retain them.

Apply this technique to create your marketing and sales plan for your beachhead market.

14 Financial Modeling / Valuation

How do you create a financial forecast for your business? What do seed and early-stage investors want to see? How to value your company?

How do you show investors that you know what you are doing through the numbers and financial forecasting? What to consider when creating a financial model for a scalable business? How do you strike the balance to attract and secure investors?

15 Fund Raising

Learn the process of bootstrapping, raising seed/angel capital, and get insights into what to expect in later rounds of fundraising.

Create investment deck and executive summary/teaser. When do you hold off on investment? How do you articulate the mechanism for a scalable business to investors? If you need investment, how do you prepare to make sure investors make a positive analysis of you and your business and invest in you?

16 How to convince investors + Graduation

Learn how to speak with confidence and convince investors for seed or early angel investment.

Aside from the key points of business logic that investors look at, how do you inspire confidence through the way you talk, sit/stand, and in general carry and present yourself? The goal is to help you get seed investment (if you need it).

After the 16 weeks

Our 16 week course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to go from 0 to 1 and all the key supporting know-how that you need to make 0 to 1 a reality, including generating revenue and raising early stage investment.

This system can be applied to test and turn any business idea into a reality - *and you will make friends and have fun along the way!*

Completing the 16 week curriculum means that you will learn how to:

iterate to product market fit

turn an idea into a product that your customers love

become more aware of yourself

become part of a powerful community through collaboration and helping each other

validate ideas for their market and personal value

hone in on specific market segments

create business & revenue models

hire staff and find co-founders

develop product prototype and roadmap

create sales & marketing plan

know how to talk to investors

and make an investment deck for early stage investors

Selection Process

3 step recruitment process to select the best founders

Online Application

This is an essential part of our recruitment process. It takes about 3 hours and helps us create the following value for you and our community:

  1. Diversity and synergy: We evaluate all applicant backgrounds and make sure you and your peers have a wide range of work backgrounds to maximize your collaboration and value for each other.
  2. Calibre: We make sure you and your peers are ready to be a founder based on our proprietary assessments.
  3. Values: We make sure you and your peers are more about WE than me, and have value alignment with our community and your peers so that we increase our cohesion and mutual help.
Private Mentor Gathering

The private mentor gathering is for you to get to know more of our mentors, see our mentor page. They also vote for you based on three criteria:

  1. The mentor must be able to help you with their experience and resources.
  2. We evaluate you based on how closely correlated your idea and your experiences are. If you do not have much work experience then we evaluate you based on how closely related your idea and passions are.
  3. Finally, we prioritize you if we feel that you will collaborate well with our community and your peers.
One on one interview

The one on one interview is the third and last step of the application process.

  1. You will be given 9 discussion topics ahead of time and you will discuss this will either the founder of iGenesiis or one of the iGenesiis mentors.
  2. Upon successful completion we invite you to join our community starting with the curriculum.

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