FRANK DANG IGenesiis Mentor

Previous Chief Technical Officer of Unicorn Company and co-founder of Navidog; core startup team member of iZuChe.

“At the core of starting a business is to change the status from a passive participant to a proactive leader, which shall tremendously change your mindset, method as well as behavior.

iGenesiis (course and eco-system) provides such an environment for mindset shaping, methodology acquiring and execution formation. It turns the normal participants into innovative entrepreneurs.” Mindset plays the most important role. What‘s your original intention? How did you dream to change the world and manage to fulfill it? Life is a process that can never be reversed.

We should dedicate to the society while self-fulfillment is also a crucial motivation. Once there are hundreds of millions of users being attracted to the service you created, you are connected to them. How amazing it is.

And you’d be proud of yourself when the service you created has also contributed to employment increase and social values. Frank understands the industrial eco-environment of China’s mobile net, the internet, automobile sales service, and insurance.

He is capable of independent decision-making of product strategy, business model, market development, and the leadership of executions around those.

He’s experienced with leading a team of hundreds to develop new markets, and become the market leader of the internet of vehicles OTO, location service, mobile net, digital media and communication industries.

Frank takes chief information officer position at Izu, which ranks the third place of the travel market and provides corporate car rental, short-term car rental, Izu car-hailing and Izu new energy vehicle services. (Didi ranks the first and Ucar ranks the second) He’s also the vice president of Beijing Tengruiwanli Information Technology Co., Ltd., which owns Navidog, a third-ranking mobile navigation service in China. It has 80 million of download users while daily active users exceed 1 million.