ERIC LOH IGenesiis Mentor

Vocinno Founder & CEO

Eric is the founder and CEO of Vocinno. “Creation of value is the only motivation of the team” What entrepreneurs would experience is an uneasy and risky journey without a companion. That’s why they often come up with the idea of giving up and be ambivalent of heading the direction.

Sometimes even the whole team might lose their confidence and be suspicious about the leader. But once you’re determined that whatever you do is truly creating values, as long as you can show your team the value they created, valid feedback, and appreciation received from the users, you’ll be able to strengthen their faith and make them fight against the difficulties.

By reinforcing their belief in it, telling them the possibility of gaining an accomplishment and by keeping their sense of values aligned, you can continue on the journey. Our vision is to accompany teenagers growing up, and help overcome the displeasure in their life. Through our APP Grief Grocery Store, we hear, care and accompany tens of thousands of Chinese teenagers.

At the same time, our volunteers hope to guide these young men to effectively interact and communicate with their children or future children. APP Bengjiujie has gained almost millions of teenagers’ attention, in which post-95s are the most active and engaged group. It has solved nearly 100 thousand problems for the giant struggling-person group and received more than 5 million votes and suggestions.

Creating leading while controversial hot channels such as “hands-chopping people”, “Am I beauty” and “Student group”, providing high research and business value. Various activities and hot topics centering on teenagers’ interests and hobbies are frequently held to guarantee the community activation. Users’ feedback and behavior data are collected effectively for analysis.

APP Grief Grocery Store has already gained attentions from 300 million of teenagers and most of them are post-00s females who are middle school students. It has already received more than 100 thousand valid messages from users, most of which are emotional problems. It provides teenagers a warm authoring platform and so far has received thousands of original contribution articles.

It completed the process from zero to one within 3 years and experienced Angel round investment, Pre-A, A round financing and all the dilemma and challenges that start-ups might face. We insist the original aspiration, go through several times of product adjustments and optimization, find pain spots of users and solve a problem of social value and responsibilities.