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Our iGenesiis Community has been specifically crafted to be a highly rewarding platform for aspiring innopreneurs (innovation entrepreneurs) whom have the fire to ignite their ideas into thriving startups.


Our IGenesiis Mentors are Founder CEO/CTOs, Early stage investors, and C-Suite executives from innovative unicorn and publicly traded companies. They come from diverse industries and experiences but share a set of common core values; collaborative, innovative, mindful, and compassionate spirits. Their combined knowledge will empower you to launch your startup and provide the support necessary to overcome just about any startup challenge you may face during our 15 week program and beyond.


You become part of our iGenesiis community, when you successful complete our 15 week Ignition Program, launch your startup full-time, and participate in the shared equity pool. Once you become a member, you will continue to benefit into perpetuity as a member of our IGenesiis Community. Before you apply to join the iGenesiis community, make sure you read our Ethos page.

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We bring together a highly effective community of alliances and partners to provide you with services and strategic value for enabling you to ignite your idea into a running startup and beyond. Our community of alliances & partners has come together to create and grow the virtuous innopreneur cycle so that more and more innopreneurs will be able to turn their ideas into successful businesses that bring innovative value to society.

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If you believe in a good cause, you can donate a scholarship to one or more of our new innopreneurs in our Ignition Program. Some common reasons to award scholarships are for minority groups such as female innovation and entrepreneurship, exemplary innovations, social impact innovations, or a reason of your choosing.

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We are experiencing increased growth, so are looking to increase our team members to build a stronger community for our new founders. If you are passionate about innovation, ignition stage startups, and being part of a top tier community, please take a look at our ethos page. If our ethos resonates with who you are and your calling in life, we would like to hear from you.

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Our iGenesiis Research and Development Institute is dedicated to developing ideas, methods, and tools to help you as an innopreneur to succeed in the startup ignition stage and go beyond to empower you, your peers and future generations. It intends to perfect the theoretical foundation as well as the practical applications along the three-prong vision elaborated in our Ethos section: the community platform for innopreneurs, the virtuous innopreneur cycle and the universal innopreneur culture. It studies psycho-sociological and financial facets of evolution from entry to business exit to, hopefully in many cases, giveback return. We plan to have case studies compiled into references along the above three dimensions for students and mentors alike. Needless to say, both Graduated Founders' successes and failures are valued to ever-enrich iGenesiis. "

  • What is innovation on the iGenesiis Platform?

    Innovation is when you find a solution that uses less to make more for your customers. iGenesiis focuses on the specific type of innovation that stems from compassion and collaboration and at the same time solves a market and social problem. We believe that these types of innovations start from the right place and so will have a positive value for the world. Innovative solutions can range from new thought processes, new methods, to new technologies.

  • What is an Innopreneur?

    An innopreneur or innovation entrepreneur, is an entrepreneur that innovates in the process of doing business. And if enough people start innovative businesses, then we will be able to achieve more and more with less and less and in time this will create a world of abundance. This is why the iGenesiis community platform focuses on empowering people to become innopreneurs because we believe that innopreneurs collectively can usher in a new era of abundance for all.

  • What is Ignition Stage?

    The Ignition Stage is the ideation to launch phase of a startup and happens before the accelerator and incubator stages. The ignition stage is the inception of the business where the founder becomes inspired and transforms an idea into a running startup and usually Angel investment is secured shortly afterwards. Usually, during the ignition stage, there is only the founder and sometimes a co-founder. After the Ignition Stage of the business come the Incubation Stage and then the Accelerator Stages.

  • What is Virtuous Innopreneur Cycle?

    A virtuous innopreneur cycle is when the more experienced innopreneurs, come together as a community to specifically help the new innopreneurs just starting off at the idea stage before the accelerator and even before the incubator stages. And when these new innopreneurs became more experienced, they in turn as a community help the next generation of new innopreneurs. Every iteration of the virtuous innopreneur cycle creates an ever growing and effective community that in turn is able to create more valuable innovations for our society, ultimately creating a world of abundance.

  • What is the Universal Innopreneur Culture?

    The Universal Innopreneur Culture is a set of guiding principles that brings together and maintains a healthy and effective community for empowering new innopreneurs. And when these new innopreneurs become more experienced and go on to empower future generations of new innopreneurs, the virtuous innopreneur cycle is born. In the beginning, these guiding principles may or may not make sense to you, but we have found that when innopreneurs lose their way or find it difficult to move forward in their business, that these guiding principles serve as map to reconnect, get back on track to revitalizing themselves and their businesses. This is an outline of the Universal Innopreneur Culture:

    • At the foundation is: Awareness - Compassion - Connectedness
    • Be Collaborative
    • Be Communicative
    • Be Grateful & Reciprocate
    • Be Innovative
    • Create diversity
    • Be Authentic
    • Engage in noble purposes
    • Trust, and be trusted*
    • Seek fairness, not advantage*
    • Open doors and listen*
    • Dream*
    • Err, Fail, Persist,succeed*
    • Experiment & iterate together*
    • Be an Innopreneur, not just an Entrepreneur
    • Be aware of, be a part of, and be responsible to the innovation ecosystem
    • Help others co-exist with ecosystem
    • Pay it forward*
    • *Reference: The Rainforest by Hwang & Horowitt

    When the Universal Innopreneur Culture is practiced by people in the context of startups and innovation, communities with constituents of diverse backgrounds are able to form that in turn empower innopreneurs to turn ideas into thriving businesses and in turn these innopreneurs empower future generation of innopreneurs thereby completing and fulfilling the virtuous innopreneur cycle and move us towards realizing a world of abundance.

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