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Admissions 2018 April

Our admissions process is a rigorous 3 step process that is designed to discover a diverse mix of talented professionals with the best hearts and minds to form a strong group of future founders to become empowered through our IGenesiis IGnition Program.

01 Apply Online

Pay application fee. Complete online application. Take innopreneur (innovation entrepreneur) aptitude test.

02 Application Review

Your fully completed application will be reviewed by our admissions committee. For every 50 or so applicants we will hold a Q&A event session to answer any questions you would have.

03 Final 1 on 1 interviews

We will invite the top applicants to 1 on 1 interviews. From all the top applicants, up to 36 professionals from diversified backgrounds will be selected by the admissions committee per 15 week Ignition Program to be transformed into startup founders and learn the process of turning their ideas into running businesses.  

Our admissions committee strives to form the best mix of 36 future founders for each 15 week IGenesiis Ignition Program. We adhere to creating diversity and synergies with the highest quality standards based on these guidelines:

  1. Recruit from wide range of industries and experiences;

  2. Assess candidates through our 3 step admissions process;

  3. Balance female and male ratios.

In addition, every applicant admitted into the ignition program must:

  1. Have a collaborative spirit and enhance their fellow peers during and beyond the 15 week program;

  2. Strive to integrate with our mentor community;

  3. Have the potential to one day become an iGenesiis mentor and enable future generations of applicants to become founders.

To learn more about what it means to be part of the iGenesiis community, see our ethos section.


#   TOPIC SUMMARY 2018 May
1 Orientation Weekend & How to startup the community way.  Bond with your peers and iGenesiis community.  Learn methods and tools to build effective organizations and community and become part of the IGenesiis community and also build on it to help out your peers and yourself.  Learn techniques for mental awareness. Learn methods and tools to increase mental acuteness and leadership. Learn techniques for strenghthening and preserving mental health.  Weekend 1
2Core values -- Know yourself, Assess your Pros and Cons, understand how to leverage and be a part of IGenesiis - Why is it important to build your company from your core values up?Week 2
3Idea & Vision Development -- Learn the process of vetting ideas and their market value. Confirm with potential customers.Week 3
4Customer Validation / Lean startup--Learn the lean process of validating your idea through customer interviews and surveys. Week 4
5Trends & Customer Segments--Learn the process of finding your most valuable first customers and confirming trends.Week 5
6Business / Revenue & Financial Models--Learn the process of creating optimal business models and creating financial projections of revenues and expenses and validating with your target customers.Week 6
7Brand Strategy & Business Registration--Learn the process of positioning your solution and company - validate with customers.  Learn what kind of business to register and register your company.Week 7
8Public Speaking + Concisely Articulate your Idea--Show case your progress to a private panel of startup CEO mentors for feedback.Week 8
9Legal & IP -- Learn about key legal topics to create a solid business and growth.Week 9
10Company Culture & Talent Management--Learn the process for creating a strong company culture and how to plan your organization structure and how to hire and fire talent. Week 10
11Product Design, Development, MVP--Learn the process of designing your product for your customers, MVP, product / market fit with your customers and create landing page to beginning marketing.Week 11
12Engineering Process--Learn the process of engineering, building your engineering team, and developing your solution.Week 12
13Sales & Marketing--Learn the process of sales & marketing to bring on your first customers and accelerating growth. Week 13
14Fund Raising--Learn the process of bootstrapping, raising seed / angel capital, and get insights into what to expect in later rounds of fund raising.Week 14
15Public Speaking + How to Convince Investors--Learn how to convince investors for angel investment + Pitch to a private panel of investors.Week 15
16Transition Ceremony--Start the process of becoming  initiated into the IGenesiis Innovation Community, stock equity pool, and grow you startup full time. Week 16

*Actual class dates & times subject to final announcement.

Each week of the iGenesiis iGnition program is one startup topic and designed to bring your idea, step by step, to become a running startup in 15 weeks.

Each weekly topic is 3 main parts:

  1. Warmup: These are materials & exercises that our new founders do before the class lecture. Takes about 2 – 4 hours

  2. Class lecture: Held once per week. All the new founders and selected mentors meet at a physical location and the new founders share their progress and mentors share their different experiences and tools on how to achieve the startup topic of the week. The class lecture ends in a workshop session where the new founders breakup into small teams and collaborate to solve exercises that will further help them learn how to overcome the topic of the week. Takes about 4 hours.

  3. Apply: The third and last part of each week culminates in the application of everything the new founders have learned earlier that week to build up another piece of their startup according to the class topic and assignments. Takes about 12 hours.

The reason for this design is so that our new founders get enough support and structure to build up their idea step by step until they have a running startup at the end of the 15 week program.




360 RMB 360 RMB is you only want to apply for the program. The result is pass or fail. If you get in, the analysis is part of your tuition.
1,800 RMBfor full analysis
* Email us at innopreneur@igenesiis.com or message us on Wechat ID: IGENESIIS to get the discount code for application only. 1st Semester special application fee of 360 RMB.


72,000 RMB* 2018

* Community Partners and Scholarship Funds:
* If you are referred through a community partner, please mention this in your application form. You will be eligible for the community rate.
* Scholarships: All applicants are eligible for scholarships and should expect to pay 36,000 RMB depending on your application results and the kind of scholarship you qualify for


The shared equity pool is essential because it enhances healthy, high quality collaboration among our iGenesiis community members. The benefits of back and forth help compound quickly and so is a critical element to increasing the chances of survival and success for our founders and startups. The shared equity pool insures this and is formed from 9% of all startups from founders graduating from the same semester of our iGenesiis Ignition program. The shared equity pool is mandatory and essential for the cohesiveness of our community and to make it effective for enabling founders to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. The equity pool is shared and distributed based on the following table:

  • 3.0% to New founders (Graduates / Alumni from our Ignition Program)
  • 3.0% to Mentors
  • 3.0% to Igenesiis Platform

3.0% is shared between all the new founders of the same class and insures that the new founders mutually benefit and help each other beyond the iGenesiis IGnition program.

3.0% reward mentors for sharing their time and experience with our new founders during the program and also paves the road, beyond the program, for guidance and strategic support

3.0% goes in part to reward our program directors for their contribution during the program and also incentivizes our community managers to support founders and maintain our community after the program. The remaining part allows the IGenesiis platform to grow and manage the community and bring people together.

Value added services

These are offered as a separate service based on the paticular needs of each new founder.

  • Investment and financial advisory
  • Company registration
  • Trademark consultation
  • Government innopreneur subsidy consultation
  • Backend office
  • WeChat and social media consultation
  • Design services
  • And more…
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